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Christine Robison

California native Christine Robison brings a world of travel experience to Iconic Journeys Worldwide. A graduate of Occidental College, Christine was a recipient of a Rotary International Scholarship which allowed her to spend a year studying in France. That was just the start of an international life that has included living in Spain, Mexico, the Netherlands and over 2 years in Tunisia. Her travels frequently involved working for various charitable or art institutions, with seven years serving as the head of the Travel Program for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

In 2003, her entrepreneurial instincts and her love of travel and people led her to form Baraka Journeys, through which she offered tours in over 20 various destinations including India, China, Burma and all of the republics of the former Soviet Union. She recently led her eighteenth tour to Uzbekistan, Kyrgistan and Turkmenistan.

Christine has a genuine interest in people and how they live. It has been a joy for her to visit over 60 countries and have a chance to be a type of ambassador (along with the others in her groups). She and her groups bring smiles and friendship from the US to many people all over this amazing world, many of whom would not have the opportunity to visit the US. Conversant in Spanish, French and colloquial Arabic, Christine’s vast experience brings a richness to Iconic Journeys Worldwide.

Hossein heads our team in Iran

Hossein and Jerry started working together with their first American tour in Iran back in 2009. By that time, Hossein had already had years of experience in tourism heading Iran’s  tourism office in Paris and subsequently developing the French and China markets to Iran. Since 2009, we have brought many, many Americans to Iran, while the number of Americans traveling to Iran with TunisUSA and/or Iconic Journeys Worldwide continues growing. Whether groups of as many as forty-people, or a customized private tour for as few as two, Iconic Journeys Worldwide, has designed programs specializing in many different themes. This strong “hands on” ability to handle programs in Iran, which can often ebb and flow as the relations between the U.S. and Iran, helps overcome the type of surprises which any traveler to Iran may face.  Jerry Sorkin has been awarded the “Top Travel Specialist” honor in 2017 for Iran by Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

Jeffrey Erlbaum

Jeffrey was born and raised in Philadelphia. He graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont and received his Law Degree at Tulane University. During his time in college he spent a semester at the University of East Anglia in Norwich UK and his Junior year in Paris. Upon completion of his law degree he practiced law in Vermont for two years, before moving back to Philadelphia to work for a corporate law firm.

While running a travel agency is a 24/7 job, Jeff has been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to many destinations all over the world. His favorites include Belgium, France, Israel, Iceland, Australia, Hong Kong, Montreal and French Polynesia. Jeff speaks French fluently and some Italian.

Kamel and Hela in Tunisia

Kamel and Hela (left and right) have been longtime friends of Jerry for more than 25 years, as well as being the backbone behind all of Iconic Journeys Worldwide operations based in Tunisia. Kamel’s entrepreneurial successes and strategic thinking, and Hela’s incredible administration skills has allowed Jerry to earn the reputation for his projects in Tunisia earning him Conde Nast Traveler‘s coveted “Top Travel Specialist” honor eight years in a row for Tunisia.

Jocelyn Boros

Born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH, Jocelyn graduated from Lake Erie College where she earned a degree in French studies. During her senior year at university, she spent a semester living abroad in Paris where she attended Sorbonne University. Along with a passion for the French language and culture, she loves to travel and has made many frequent visits to France, while also having had the opportunity to explore Québec, Italy and Scotland.

Apart from traveling, Jocelyn is also passionate about the history and current studies of wine, having earned a certificate through WSET wine school in Philadelphia.

Jocelyn brings her creativity and her love of travel into her enthusiasm to talk about Iconic Journeys Worldwide travel programs and what makes them unique!

William and Barbara in Cuba

Barbara and William are our Cuban ground team. William’s many years of being involved in Cuba tourism and Panama, combined with Barbara’s attention to administration details of all of Iconic Journeys Worldwide has allowed our business to grow in Cuba exponentially…serving our scheduled group tours and our organizational client groups. Every itinerary is customized for our clients’ need

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