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A very special journey to meet and participate in a cultural bridge building opportunity that few travelers experience!
Jordan, the Palestinian West Bank territories and Israel are places filled with history, from the awe cities of Petra and the Roman city of Jerash in Jordan, to the historic cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. The region is also home to people of three major religions; Islam, Christianity and Judaism and with that, conflicts that have continued for centuries.

This special TunisUSA tour provides unique and objective insight to the people of the region; Muslim, Christian and Jewish, and a better understanding of the long standing issues in the region between Arabs and Israelis. Participants will have many opportunities to meet the people of the region who will be part of shaping the future… people-to-people encounters that few Americans ever experience. You will meet people who against all odds, have chosen to work together, to find the humanity in the other… Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians; people who are determined to live together!

This small-group tour provides unique opportunities to build cultural bridges in a meaningful way, while also providing an opportunity to enjoy the historic and cultural wonders of the Holy Land.

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