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India is a land that has for millennia, stifled many would-be conquerors, from Phoenician traders, Persian spice merchants, Mughals, British colonials. All have left their imprints in art, architecture, food, language and many other ways, too numerous to name.
Today, with a population of a billion people, the fascination and diversity of India still is intoxicating, baffling, bazaar and at the same time, dynamic and moving forward as an economic force to be recognized, as well as being the largest democracy in the world.
TunisUSA’s India program concentrates on northern India, with further expansion to come in late 2012-2013. Combining tour leadership by one of India’s interesting and knowledgeable individuals, Suryaveer Singh, a descendant from a distinguished Rajput family of Udaipur that traces its roots to the Mewar dynasty, tour participants will experience India in the comfort of deluxe hotels, wonderful cuisine and with the personal touch that makes TunisUSA tours so rewarding.

Splendors of Northern India 

Splendors of Northern India, October 9 thru 22 2012

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“We look forward to having you on this special
tour to northern India. A fascinating time awaits you…”

Jerry Sorkin
Founder, TunisUSA

Jerry Sorkin Founder, TunisUSA