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Dear Fellow Traveler,

Though a rather small island in size, Malta is rich in history and culture. It is really quite surprising how such a small, Mediterranean island country, with a small population could have achieved so much with so few resources. But that’s just one of the intriguing features of Malta and its people…

Among our Malta offerings, we can arrange Malta alone, or in combination with Tunisia. As Malta is a small island, but with considerable diversity, all of our Malta programs are arranged on a personalized, itinerary basis.

We look forward to helping you enjoy the island of Malta!!!

“Malta is a friendly, beautiful country with an amazing breadth of history and culture. TunisUSA’s arrangements were excellent and conformed exactly to their pre-trip descriptions. Our private driver and guide were personable, courteous and very knowledgeable about their country. There were flexible when we wished to deviate from plan, provided excellent advise on restaurants and use of free time and gave us better insight indo daily Maltese life.”

We observed no anti-American sentiment or graffiti. If one avoids sneakers, baseball caps and American logos, locals and tourists will probably assume that you are European or possibly Australian.”

David Morris and Karen Miller
Park Ridge, IL

“Malta, with its long history of Neolithic temple sites to its critical role in World War II is a special place. The islands’ architectural gems; medieval walled towns and beautiful churches reflect its role as a crossroad between Europe, Africa and Asia. Our only regret – we did not have long enough to experience and enjoy all that it has to offer.”

Eleanor and Gordon Bradwell
Athens, GA


“”Dear Jerry

We are all home safely and back in our right time zone. Thank you for arranging two wonderful days for our group of ten. Grace in Malta and Islam in Tunisia were both WONDERFUL guides. Both so pleasant, so informed and kept our pace moving nicely. They each made us love Malta and Tunisia. We didn’t expect to be “wowed” after stops in Israel and Egypt, but we definitely were. We were particularly impressed with Tunisia as a progressive Muslim country with emphasis on ecology, education, opportunities for women.

We all hope to return some day!

Again, thanks.

Best to you”

Pam Peffer
Fairway, KS

“Malta, which was a British protectorate, was more heavily bombed during the second world war than London. People were able to save themselves by living in underground shelters during the duration of the war.The baroque architecture , built in the 17th century by the Knights of St John, is amazing to see.

The hotel to stay at in Tunis is Le Residence, an atmospheric hotel, represented by Leading Hotels.
In Malta, the place to stay would be the Westin and/or the more beautiful Xara Palace.
I used Jerry Sorkin, the owner of TunisUSA, to make all of the arrangements. He has been sending people to Tunis for 30 years and also Malta and is known and respected for his contribution. His choice of guides were some of the best I have experienced anywhere. I have further information at my desk for anyone interested in this amazing part of the world.”

Ruth Mirvis
The Travel Store
Beverly Hills, CA