Turkey Tours

Turkey is an ancient country with a rich civilization, shaped in equal parts by its diverse mixture of people and geography. You may choose from our regularly scheduled all-inclusive land tours or work with our knowledgeable staff to create a custom itinerary for yourself or an organization. Experienced, professional, English-speaking guides lead all of our tours. Their knowledge of the country and its people are an indispensable part of making your trip memorable.

As founder of TunisUSA, Jerry Sorkin spearheaded the company’s development as a pioneer in developing cultural/historical tours to Tunisia. His experience in Turkey dates back nearly three decades, with his frequent visits underscored by an educational background specializing in modern Middle East studies. Mr. Sorkin is also a noted authority on the cultural/historical aspects of Oriental rugs. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (PENN) and taught for many years at PENN a popular course: ORIENTAL RUGS: A Reflection of Culture.