Reading up on Tunisia before your trip can make it so much more rewarding. While you’re at it, plug in some local music. Here are our suggestions:

Insight Guide Tunisia 2000
By Dorothy Stannard
ISBN 1585730327
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The Rough Guide Tunisia
By Peter Moore, Daniel Jacobs
1998 Edition, ISBN 1858283361
New edition being published fall 2001
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Michelin “Neos” Guide Tunisia
By Michelen staff
1st edition, April 2000. ISBN 2068555018
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Rome in North Africa by Susan Raven
Paperback, 3rd edition (April 1993)
Routledge; ISBN: 0415081505
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Anouar Brahem Barzakh Buy it Now
Khaled Kenza Buy it Now
Cheb Mami Dallali Buy it Now


Turkey is a fascinating country with a rich and complex history. Today’s Turkey blends the East and the West, the ancient and the au courant! Here are some excellent books that can provide a good background for your trip:

The Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age 1300-1600
By Halil Inalcik
Published by Phoenix. 1994
ISBN: 1842124420
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Turkey Unveiled: A History of Modern Turkey
By Nicole and Hugh Pope
Published by The Overlook Press. 1996
ISBN: 1585670960
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Blue Guide Turkey
By Bernard McDonagh
2001, ISBN: 0393321371
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Sezen Aksu Adi Bende Sakli Buy it Now
Tarkan Karma Buy it Now
Kudsi Erguner Ottoman Classical Music Buy it Now